A detailed description of the IFN/ENIT-database can be found in the paper at CIFED'02.

Download: Free demo-sample download is ready now. (569 handwritten Tunisian town/village names from 10 randomly selected writers with full ground truth.)

Download IFN/ENIT-database demo-samples with raw-form-pages(~5MB).
Download IFN/ENIT-database demo-samples without raw-form-pages(~2MB).

Download patches:
README.pdf update (21. August. 03) -- for database v1.0p2
tunisian_town_village_list.pdf (14. Nov. 02) -- bugs in Arabic writing fixed

UPDATE v1.0p1 to v1.0p2:
Please contact us per mail to get a patch download link (patch file ~5MB).
A update is highly recommented!!


Current IFN/ENIT-database version: v1.0p2 (new)

Aug. 03